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I am currently a full time Software Engineer working for Pace Micro Technology->.

You can download a copy of my CV here.

Pace Micro Technology

I'm currently working for Pace Micro Technology-> doing much the same as I did at Access Devices only with a bigger budget.

Access Devices Digital Limited

I worked for Access Devices Digital Limited where I ported operating systems and specialised in systems architecture.

Imperial College

I graduated from Imperial College->, part of the University of London-> in 2005 with a Master of Engineering degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering->

As part of my degree course, I produced several reports and presentations. I also wrote programs in C++, Pascal & Delphi, ARM assembly language and MATLAB.


BlueBay Asset Management

I worked for BlueBay Asset Management->, dealing with client reporting and IT infrastructure support & maintenance.


I worked for TACTICS->, dealing with copyright permissions as part of a contract with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development->.


Information Technology

I have a wide range of computing experience including Windows, Linux, IRIX, FreeBSD, network administration, programming in several languages, software engineering, internet and web development.



I am currently the webmaster for the following websites at Imperial College;

  • Live-> - City & Guilds College Union News Site.

I was the webmaster for a number of websites at Imperial College in the 2001 - 2002 academic year;

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