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Welcome to ashurst.eu.org

ashurst.eu.org is the homepage of Andy Bennett. I have split the site into two sections; my "professional" pages and my "personal" pages. You can look around my site by using the menu bar above or the sitemap.

Current Projects

  • stoic WASP.
  • The Scene - calendar & scheduling server.
  • The Scene - infrastructure and OS services.
  • A robot.

Quick Links

  • Imperial College - Reports, presentations and software that I have written as part of my degree programme.
  • GNU / Linux - My resources concerning GNU software and Linux.
  • www.linuxfromscratch.org-> - How to build your own linux system entirely from source code.
  • Physics Reports - My physics reports on chaotic behaviour in a damped, driven pendulum and the Schrödinger Equation.

Latest News

30th March, 2011

Finally restored things to their former glory.

24th February, 2011

Pulled the website source out and uploaded it to the server for testing.

15th March, 2007

A few more pictures for the Intranet section.

12th March, 2007

Updated the Intranet section. There are still a few machines missing and I need to find a few more pictures.

Older News...

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